About Us

We are engineers passionate about product development. As product development engineers ourselves, we are trying to solve the problem most of us face. Where do we get a reliable manufacturer? I am sure many of you have faced a situation where we don't know where to go, what to search on the internet and when you get a manufacturer, how can we trust him. These were the questions which forced us to build Manifakti. A simple yet effective solution to this problem is Manifakti which not only gives the best suited manufacturers for your requirement, it also helps you get quotes from them, manufacture the part, quality check and get delivery at your door which solves you not only time but also a lot of cost. You get the best quote every time from Manifakti. Built in project process mapping also helps you to see the progress of your project in real time and take action if necessary. Everything in a click of a button.

Partner with us to make your product development more efficient and cost effective.

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